Climate KIC – New videoconference infrastructure roll-out spanning 10 sites in 5 national centres across Europe

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Video conferencing end point in Utrecht, Netherlands - Lecture Theatre

Reflex designed, supplied, installed, project managed and provided a guidance and advice service for this award winning project. This fully serviced videoconferencing infrastructure project spanned over 10 sites across Europe and completed in 5 months.

The Requirement
The Solution
The Results
The Requirement

With 12 rooms in 10 sites within 5 national centres across Europe, Climate-KIC had a requirement for a fully serviced videoconferencing infrastructure to help their partners successfully communicate and collaborate.

Key objectives were:-

  1. To save money
  2. To save time, as each of Climate-KIC’s partners also have a ‘day job’
  3. To bring their strategy into line with their ethos i.e. carbon reduction
  4. To develop a method of delivering their Education Programme to partners

Specific requirements included:-

  • ease of use
  • flexibility in connection device
  • integration with existing IT infrastructure
  • an online reservation system
  • first level training
  • service support at every city where a system is installed

Within very tight timescales, Reflex surveyed multiple sites, designed, specified and installed the systems. Site visits and information collation were completed in two weeks. From tendering to completion of the installation took just five months.

The Solution

The success of this project was in part down to the thorough preparation that took place despite pressing timescales.

Reflex co-ordinated and attended meetings with the right people at each of the 10 end-point sites, conducting site surveys and specified the equipment needed.

Two specifications were developed:-

1. A conference room solution, implemented in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, London and two sites in Holland
2. A lecture theatre solution with broadcast facilities implemented in (different sites in) Paris, Berlin, London and three sites in Holland

Conference Room

. 2 off NEC 55” V551 LCD Screen and NEC side speakers on wall mount
. 1 off Polycom HDX8000 Codec with two Eagle Eye HD Cameras and HDX ceiling microphone
. 1 off Samsung Document Camera
. 4 off AV Connections (for laptop)
. 1 off Extron DXP 88 HDMI Matrix Switcher
. 1 off TV One HDMI Scaler
. 2 off Extron RGB – HDMI Scalers
. 2 off Extron HAE100 HDMI Audio Embedder
. 1 off Extron MVC121 Audio Amplifier
. 1 off Extron XPA1002 Audio Amplifier
. 1 off Crestron AV2 Control Processor
. 1 off Crestron TPS 6X Touch Screen controller and Docking Station

The lecture theatre option feature Epson projectors rather than LCD screens, additional audio systems and a TeamMate trainer lectern.

All systems were built into a freestanding equipment rack or teaching desk.

The main system installed uses HD face and voice tracking cameras, which allow participants to see each individual person when speaking, the presenter, as well as a full room view when no-one is speaking.

The conference and lecture theatre AV systems are based on a Crestron control platform across all the different sites. By using a centralised Crestron Roomview Management system Reflex can provide remote monitoring, fault diagnosis, reporting and control of the Climate-KIC systems.

Additional facilities include document annotation, data sharing, and the ability for individual IT managers to analyse system use and report on this information.

500 desktop users can videoconference and instant message from their desktop.

Participants can perform multi-party calls using the future proof RMX 2000 bridge.

The recording and streaming servers allow videoconferencing participants to record at a click of a button. Conferences can be watched live or viewed later.

The installations were rolled out at a rate of one or two per week over a three month period. Highly experienced project management was essential to keep the project on track.

Post installation, Reflex is providing maintenance support for all sites. This has involved financial investment and includes multilingual voicemail systems and Europe wide technical support. The equipment is supported by next day swap out warranties in conjunction with the manufacturers. Polycom endpoints have full on-site support by Polycom. Crestron equipment is supported with an extended 3-year warranty. Reflex is holding dedicated loan equipment for vital items for both configurations, with a 24-hour response to any failures.

Additionally, Climate-KIC has bought 10 days consultancy with The Video Doctor. The Video Doctor will work with Climate-KIC to improve the skills of the users and advise on the best use of the infrastructure.

The Results

Delivering the project called on Reflex’s strong resources – technical knowledge, project management and their Video Doctor expertise. Video Doctor is Reflex’s guidance and advice service on all areas of video communications technology.

Lisa Bozek, Education Technologist and Climate-KIC Project Manager commented, “Reflex responded quickly and thoroughly to our extremely tight deadlines. Their project management was superb, ensuring smooth co-ordination across all our European partner sites and delivery of the project on time and on budget.

They demonstrated expertise in every aspect of the project and we particularly valued their Video Doctor specialism, and the consultative nature of their approach. They were also very willing to go the extra mile in helping us with areas that fell outside of our brief to them.”

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