Reflex believe that AV and content combine for effective messagingBringing content to life – live at TD15

Captivating content is a fundamental requirement for keeping any display installation relevant and engaging.

Users’ ability to shape their engagements through touch screens, gestures and mobile interfaces means they control the messages they receive. Add into the mix the relatively recent phenomena of social media, the need for the integration of Twitter feeds, Instagram images and so on, and it’s clear that the demand for compelling content has never been higher.

Why, then, is content creation so often an afterthought?

Attend this seminar: if you want to move beyond basic dashboard elements such as time, date, weather and travel updates. We’ll be looking at how to create dynamic, ever-changing content, in a way that it easy and time efficient to manage.

Expect to learn: what Big Data is – where it comes from, how it can be represented and how you can use it to be of real value to your organisation. And how have other organisations leveraged Big Data to great effect?

Leave the seminar: knowing how content can be made more relevant and engaging. Understand how it can be brought to life through powerful data visualisation, delivering benefits to both your clients and your own organisation.

Date : 15.10.15

Time : 12:00 – 12:30

Venue : Reflex AV Tech Day @ Wembley Stadium, London