Reflex ISE 2013Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is a show that benefits Reflex in many ways. Roland, our MD, found it invaluable for networking with international partners. Our project managers were there to keep ahead of the changing demands within their project work. And the technical team focused on the technologies that we need to keep up-to-date with so that we can educate our customers. We took along thirteen customers too, who found it very useful for their strategic plans.

Below is a quick round up of the best of ISE 2013 from an integrator’s viewpoint.

Our first vote goes to the Crestron HD-XSP, a surround sound decoder that is no-frills – some may say basic. We liked its simplicity – it only has the functions that are needed for a professional install. It means the customer is not paying for functionality they don’t need.

The Samsung NL22B LED LCD transparent display shows information on a transparent glass surface. We liked the touch screen function and the built- in personal computer. It would be a superb choice in retail environments for product displays.

On the Epson stand the EB1410WI caught our eye. Interactive projectors have been around for a while but we liked the control module on the wall to select the functions and source. Great product for lecture theatres and training situations.

Ensemble Designs were showing the Brighteye Mitto Scan Converter. It’s elegant solution for auditoriums, its ideal where multiple presenters bring their own devices, and delivers high quality output through simple controls.

Also on our list, the Viper all-in-one capture, stream and VOD appliance. It’s a neat one box solution, perfect for rich media capture and streaming during live events or training sessions, very cool, small and beautifully designed package. We liked the striking design, the simple operation and the abundance of features although at £12,000 it might be beyond some budgets.

These products represent some of the components that allow integrators like Reflex to deliver great solutions for clients.

Contact the Reflex Technical Team for any demonstrations or pricing on any of the above best of ISE 2013 products.