The benefit of technological change on AV services
The growth of more complex and integrated solutions, as well as a growing dependency on audio visual (AV) technology, means that servicing the AV industry is now business/mission critical. Understanding and applying technical solutions, project managing an ever increasing number of experts on the job, installing and fault finding as well as preventing downtime whilst maximising productivity are all considerations for today’s AV service providers.

Turn the clock back 25 years and the chances are that an AV installation was a projector with a screen, installed in a meeting or class room, perhaps with a basic control system. How times have changed. AV services are now a vital element of a modern technology solution and instrumental in delivering measurable benefits to clients.

To a large extent, effective managed services have resulted from the AV/IT convergence, a subject much talked about for many years, but that has only become a reality relatively recently.

We now have the technology to create systems that can be scaled globally but managed centrally. The benefit this brings to clients is a huge saving in resource, by reducing the need for dispersed technical staff at every location, be that in offices around the world or within various faculties in a University. Going one step further, the management and maintenance of such systems can be outsourced to an integrator if the client requires, possibly creating even greater efficiencies in the control of the resources.

By taking this route, an integrator is able to predict potential problems, and address them proactively rather than just reacting to them after the event.

The development of AV as a service is also growing thanks to services such as cloud-based video and audio collaboration, which has brought cost effective, reliable and scalable conferencing services within the reach of most small and midsize businesses.
Where technology has advanced so has our ability to service the requirements. This trend can only continue, and we see a time when installations can intelligently self diagnose faults as well as report upon the way the solution is used, so automating the call on support and services from the integrator.

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