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AV Events - 2nd article“I’m visiting to help me prepare for the tricky questions that curators and artists ask, when they look to me for the technical insight that allows AV to interpret their vision”

This quote from Tate Modern sums up the power of an AV event. Whether a large trade expo, local, targeted conference or manufacturer showcase, there are some unique benefits that visitors can only gain from such events.

Is spending a day at an AV event the most efficient use of your time? There are certainly some benefits to consider but what are the insider’s tips on how to make the most out of attending AV events?

  • Choose events where you will meet a wide diversity of people. Widening the opportunities and have a large skill set to hand is key.
  • Have a shopping list of products and technologies that you want to know and hear about. Contact the event host to make sure they have the products on show that you want to see and the topics covered in the seminars you want to hear about, the event is for you.
  • Like an interview come prepared with those all important questions – how do I prolong the life of my products? How does this product compare to the competition?
  • What’s new at the event? You can use information about the latest AV technologies to your advantage when sitting in your next meeting about a new AV project.
  • Your colleagues are a wealth of knowledge too and can relate to your market. Find out who has registered and are there any colleagues within your organisation you can take with you to the event.
  • Have your say, give feedback to the event organiser so future events can be molded around your needs.

Those benefits are multiplied up when applied to international shows such as ISE or InfoComm where you have a worldwide platform – but of course, there are greater time and financial costs involved in travelling to these shows. However, with ISE growing to a 4-day event in 2016 there appears to be a growing appetite for this way of harvesting vital information.

Share your own perspective with us. What are your reasons for attending exhibitions and events? Or do you find the time and possible cost do not justify the return you get? Is there an event you would return to year after year? Join the discussion on twitter using #AVEvents

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