As we return to our offices, exhausted yet exhilarated after the annual trip to Amsterdam, it’s time to reflect on the technologies that stood out for the Reflex team at ISE 2016.

Walking around the 12 halls, our senses were bombarded from every direction with mind-blowing technology on the hundreds of stands. And yet one technology seemed to jump out for the whole team – and that was OLED.

OLED has been around for a while. With it’s thinner, flexible layers, bright light and low power use, it feels like the perfect technology, particularly given that it can be used in huge displays and delivers a wide field of vision.  But we’ve not really seen it deployed in the commercial products we specify in our day-to-day work.  We have a feeling that’s about to change.

LG’s OLED Signage Dual View blew us away with its potential for digital signage, particularly for the retail sector. Extremely thin, this dual sided OLED tiling can be configured into different shapes giving exceptional flexibility and allowing creative deployment.  Any negatives?  None that we can see.

And still making use of OLED but in a totally innovative way is LANG. We loved their T-OLED transparent interactive display.  A full HD screen with 45% transparency, the really clever part is that the screen can interact with physical items sitting behind it.  If you’ve ever seen Minority

Report… A truly different product with great image quality that would be superb for foyers and wayfinding, and for product design.

Samsung also impressed with another transparent 55” OLED display, built into a 2×2 video wall.  Also with 45% transparency, this solution uses their Smart Signage Platform that removes the need for separate PC. We can see this sitting beautifully in an atrium or reception area.  It really delivers on the WOW factor.

If you visited ISE let us know what products stood out for you? #ISEmyvote