AcousticsAcoustics for AV – live at TD15

With the ‘A’ in AV finally starting to get a rightly deserved focus, AV and IT Managers need a more detailed understanding of acoustic challenges and considerations. In this enlightening seminar, audio experts Harmonia Consulting join Reflex as we tackle all things sound related. 

Attend this seminar: if you are involved in:-

  • an AV project that is at infrastructure stage, i.e not yet built
  • designing a work room or office space
  • upgrading or redesigning an existing work space

Expect to learn: the commons acoustic mistakes that many people make – and how to avoid them, along with the associated costs they bring. Understand auralisation – what it is, and how it can help you. Learn how to integrate acoustic planning successfully into a project timeline – and pick up some trade secrets for solving audio issues.

Leave the seminar: with the tools, knowledge and troubleshooting ability to integrate effective acoustics into your project, having gleaned ideas from real AV system examples.

Date : 15.10.15

Time : 13:30 – 14:00

Venue : Reflex AV Tech Day @ Wembley Stadium, London