Reflex introduces the Smart Sync Classroom Management Software - SSCMSReflex introduces the Smart Sync Classroom Management Software - SSCMS

Distractions in any computer-enabled learning environment can be minimized with the SMART Sync classroom management software, which helps you keep students focused on learning.  Ideal in higher education and training scenarios, this intuitive software lets you to make the most of class time.

By connecting your computer to every other computer in the classroom, you can communicate and support on both an individual and class level at the same time.

Give students direct support – students can send you private questions and you can respond without disturbing the class

Broadcast to multiple screens – demonstrate a concept, view a webpage or play a video by sharing any desktop with everyone else in the room

Enable student collaboration – after working individually on an assignment, students can share their screens to come to a consensus

Monitor student activity with ease – view students’ computer screens on your computer desktop as full-sized or thumbnail images that can be sorted to match your classroom layout

Keep students focused on learning – restrict access to inappropriate applications such as games and instant messaging

For more information and pricing on SMART Sync, please contact Dave Chapman on 0118 931 3611 or email