25 Zoom background collections for every interest, mood, and occasion

Image credit: Empty office by Pexels

Have you tried to change your video conferencing background before? If you haven’t, we highly recommend that you give it a go; it’s fun, more personal, memorable, and it gives you a great talking point.

Changing your background is quick and easy to do, and you can have different backgrounds for different types of meetings, events, times of the year, etc.

Below you’ll find an extensive range of free virtual background collections that you can use. Choose your favourite(s) and enjoy!

TOP TIP: If you want to quickly hide your background for a meeting and you don’t like the virtual backgrounds available, try blurring your background.


1. Zoom virtual background collections
2. Microsoft Teams virtual background collections
3. Design Pickle virtual background collections
4. Elite virtual backgrounds
5. Owl labs virtual backgrounds
6. DC virtual backgrounds
7. Marvel virtual backgrounds
8. Disney & Pixar virtual backgrounds
9. National Trust virtual backgrounds
10. Waddeson Manor virtual backgrounds
11. Garden virtual backgrounds
12. Botanical garden virtual backgrounds
13.  Tropical beach virtual backgrounds

14.     Mountain living virtual backgrounds
15.     The Wilderness Society virtual backgrounds
16.     Metropolitan Museum virtual backgrounds
17.     Guggenheim virtual backgrounds
18.     Getty Museum virtual backgrounds
19.     Florida Museum virtual backgrounds
20.     UCL virtual backgrounds
21.     Yale University Art Gallery virtual backgrounds
22.     99 designs virtual backgrounds
23.     Unsplash virtual backgrounds
24.     Pexels virtual backgrounds
25.     Reflex Ltd (and custom) virtual backgrounds

Varied virtual backgrounds

 1. Zoom virtual background collections
2. Microsoft Teams virtual background collections
3. Design Pickle virtual background collections

Image credit: Bright Office by Elite

Professional virtual backgrounds
4. Elite virtual backgrounds

Image credit: Empty Office by Pexels

Image credit: Hall of Justice by DC comics
Image credit: Black Panther by  Marvel
Image credit: Up by Disney

8. Disney and Pixar virtual backgrounds

Historic house virtual backgrounds
9. National Trust virtual backgrounds

Image credit: The library at Greenway, Devon.
© NationalTrust Images/ Andreas von Einsiedel
Image credit: Smoking Room by Waddeson Manor

10. Waddeson Manor virtual backgrounds (A Rothschild House and Gardens):

Garden virtual backgrounds

11. Garden virtual backgrounds (Wave Hill)


Image credit:  Garden view by Wave Hill
Image credit:  Peony by Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden/ Tom Hennessy

12. Botanical garden virtual backgrounds (Lewis Ginter)


Beach virtual backgrounds

13. Tropical beach virtual backgrounds (Some Bold Adventure)


Image credit:  Huts and palm trees on a beach in St. Lucia by Some Bold Adventure

Image credit:  Whitefish, Montana by Kendall Buckley

Mountain terrain virtual backgrounds

14. Mountain Living virtual backgrounds


15. The Wilderness Society virtual backgrounds

(This link has video clips that you can use)


Image credit:  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska by Mason Cummings

Image credit:  Leon Levy and Shelby White Court by The Met

Museum and cultural heritage virtual backgrounds

16. Metropolitan Museum virtual backgrounds


Image credit:  The oculus by the Guggenheim Museum
Image credit:  Irises, Vincent van Gogh by The J. Paul Getty Museum
Image credit:  Montbrook Fossil Dig by Florida Museum

Image credit:  UCL Art Museum by UCL

21. Yale University Art Gallery virtual backgrounds


Image credit:  Yale Art Gallery

Image credit:  Room with a view by Nina Gonzalez

Art & Design virtual backgrounds

22. 99 Designs virtual backgrounds


Other virtual backgrounds

23. Unsplash virtual backgrounds


Image credit:  Multicoloured abstract photo by Geordanna Cordero on Unsplash
Image credit:  Monstera leaves by Emma Pollard from Pexels

24. Pexels virtual backgrounds


Custom virtual backgrounds

25. Reflex Ltd virtual backgrounds

We couldn’t resist having some fun with our own branded virtual backgrounds.

You can create your own virtual background by creating an image no smaller than 1280 x 720 px. You can do this in your chosen graphic design tool, or for free on Canva after you create an account.

To add your virtual background to Zoom:

Save an image with a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels in a memorable location

On the Zoom app go to Settings- Preferences- Backgrounds & Filters

Select which virtual background you want to upload by clicking the plus (+) icon to the right of Video Filters.

To add your virtual background to Microsoft teams:

Before joining a meeting select Background Filters (below the video image).

Your background options will display on the right.

To replace your background select Add new and then select one to upload from your computer.


· Try using your own personal virtual background for online conference calls

· Remember that you can change your background to match the type of call you are on. Backgrounds can be used as a source of entertainment, a talking point, or something to help set the scene..

· Virtual backgrounds can help you to create and shape your virtual identity

· If you want to hide your background without using a virtual background,  try the blur background feature

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