New digital technology in Audio Visual from Reflex for 2012With the Olympics a matter of months away, Reflex has been talking to customers about whether they have made any plans for coping with possible disruption and whether technology can help ease the problems.

The consensus is that while there are active concerns very few are actively planning for any disruption. Those that say they will actively support home working, with the ability to access data remotely is seen as very important. Universities that already use distance learning see this as potentially helping if students have travel issues. Some say they will move client facing staff onto client sites. Concerns about getting deliveries during the period is leading some organisations to try and pull forward funding, to allow purchases to be made and delivered before July.

Interestingly a significant percentage see the Olympics as a catalyst for their senior management teams to look afresh at technologies like video conferencing, either considering them for the first time or upgrading existing systems.

The majority of organisations feel that they will make provision for their staff and students to watch some of the major events, using existing technology in restaurants and class rooms such as flat screens and projection equipment. As one customer put it “the Students’ Union has already been asking what arrangements we will be making.” Another customer stated “better to have them in the office watching the Olympics than taking time off to watch at home.”

If you are an organisation who will be potentially effected from the 2012 Olympics, Reflex hope you can help by influencing our strategic plans by taking a few minutes to complete this short survey