Key technologies in Audio Visual from ReflexA couple of areas of technology seem to have had high exposure during 2011.  Our MD Roland Dreesden gives his view on each.

Digital Signage

We’ve seen manufacturers extending their product range and new entrants appearing during the year.  However, I see the development of systems and the take up by users is out of sync.  I would estimate that 1 in 5 digital signage solutions installed have either a static display or a screen that’s not used post install.  And I believe there’s much confusion in the market.

Cloud based systems are growing and I see this continuing.  With the benefits it brings, such as cost savings and higher security, it’s giving users a reason to upgrade their systems more quickly than they might otherwise do.

Unified Communications

It’s a much-used term and everyone seems to have a different definition.   Mine is a means to communicate by common technologies. Unified Communications is not just hardware elements but the systems that bring everything together – virtualised bridging, live streaming, learning management systems and so on.

UC has huge potential.  Why? The technology is better, people adopt it at home, students are encouraged to distant learn, lifestyles improve, productivity increases, the environment benefits, it creates safer working environments and the list continues…

IT/AV convergence

We are seeing an increased requirement to connect to networks, i.e. the ‘behind the scenes’ traditional systems.  The AV element delivers exciting technology to the end user upfront, whilst the IT part is the engine behind the scene, which has to deliver the goods at the right time and right place.

As the edges blur, we need to understand the dynamics and drivers of IT networking people. The ability to empathise, understand, and communicate in their terms is very important.  At Reflex we’ve addressed this by employing a Network Specialist in the pre-sales team.